Festivals lead to lots of new gigs

Musician Derek Allan.
Musician Derek Allan.

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

March 26

All was planned for a whole year for Mother’s Day by Ellie and Rebecca. A cake was baked, flowers, book and chocolates bought, a card was made, then a trip to see the new Beauty and the Beast. It was a great film, followed by fish and chips.

Our musician friends are touring in New Zealand right now, Hungry Town. They are doing a house gig and staying with us in April.

They both worked together, fell in love, started a musical partnership, and then dropped everything and went on the road together.

I love this story, they live a great interesting life.

March 27

Rebecca being a part of the 100m relay for Blyth is exciting. Watching her training is magical. I love hearing about people doing well, but seeing them doing well is even greater, then there is watching your own child doing well and loving to run so much. Between the training parts I helped Ellie along with batting and bowling for her first hard ball cricket season. A nice, very busy year ahead.

Before running club I walked three miles with Ellie and did a few catches. The charity walk is getting closer for Headway. I love this day.

March 28

The daytime hours are busy this week as we try to get as much sorted for April as we can. We have all of the gig dates to fulfil and we like to have days free when Ellie and Rebecca are off school. There are 22 gigs planned in April, and the usual family life to be on with.

We got dropped off at Creswell again and did some reading and catching on the way home with Ellie. Rain came in heavy and a kind couple offered us a lift home. Something like this can mean so much. Mel was on her way to pick us up, but they were not to know.

March 29

Melanie went to Edinburgh for a day away with her friend Caroline. I walked, read and practised cricket and athletics with Ellie and Rebecca. We then watched the new Top Cat Movie.

March 30

It has been good taking time out of Europe for a year. We all feel more at home being at home.

Yorkshire is like home to us too, and only a few hours drive. Mini-tours have been fun.

April has been prepared for a number of months and now we have to live through it and hope we got it right.

March 31

We had a nice drive to Yorkshire, with plenty of time to spare. We do really well in Yorkshire and meet up with friends and fans, which is a nice feeling. A wonderful place to be.

I travelled tonight as We Steal Flyers for a gig, which was a good one, and then to our room for the night for a few stories with Shaggy and a look back on the years we have lived and recorded together. We are doing well, but mostly because we really went for it.

April 1

We found a chip shop, then went into the festival. We love these festivals and they love us. We are offered so many other festival dates when we are there. The ones we were offered today could not be done as we are always booked around 12 months in advance. We played a 6pm slot and it was a brilliant set.

When we were signing albums, doing selfies and selling merch we were offered more regular gig dates so I will sort them out for next year.

The drives home are still bad, with lots of 50mph restrictions and diversions adding hours to our journey. It is not a complaint, just the way it is.