Extra special guest

Rothbury Roots – Kieran Halpin, The Queen’s Head, Rothbury, Thursday, October 20. Tickets £8, contact 01669 620470.

A STALWART singer-songwriter will appear at Rothbury Roots next week just four days after the release of his 20th album. Since 1979, Kieran Halpin has recorded 20 albums, one live DVD, and published two songbooks.

He is a successful songwriter with many of his songs covered by other artists such as Ilse De Lange (All The Answers), Vin Garbutt, Dolores Keane, Geraldine McGowan, Tom McConville, Niamh Parsons, The Battlefield Band, Flossie and the late John Wright.

His new CD has 11 new songs and features the musicianship of Yogi Jockusch on percussion, Jimmy Smith on guitar, Manfred Leuchter on accordion, Percy Pursglove on double bass and Marion Fleetwood on backing vocals.

But while his albums are always something to look forward to it is live on stage where Halpin makes his mark.

Powerful and passionate, intimate and intense, he is impossible to ignore.

His voice has such an edge to it that he sounds like he is living every song.

He has managed to marry his intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics with great melodies and has developed over the years into a writer with a style all his own. All of this is underscored by an incisive wit in his introductions which helps an audience to understand where the song comes from.