Enjoy the Mersey beat

The Cavern Beatles, Alnwick Playhouse, Thursday, October 27, 7,30pm. Tickets £16.50, £15.50 conc.

ON February 9, 1961, The Beatles made the first of their 292 appearances at the now legendary Cavern Club in Mathew Street, Liverpool.

Fifty years on, the band fully endorsed and licensed by the same club is embarking on a new era in their remarkable history.

As ambassadors of ‘the most famous club in the world’, The Cavern Beatles come to the Playhouse with a new cast and a new attitude, to once again bring to the stage the music that has now influenced three generations.

The band’s members, as well as being talented instrumentalists and singers, are hugely dedicated Beatle fans, intent on recreating their individual character to an unprecedented standard.

Countless hours of study and rehearsal have gone into the show, which emulates with uncanny detail and meticulous accuracy, the rise of the greatest band in the world from the days of the Cavern through to the rooftop in Savile Row, London, in 1969.

Drawing on an extensive repertoire of hits and album tracks, the Cavern Beatles perform their entire two-hour show completely live, using no backing tracks, producing a fully authentic representation of the music.

The band’s attention to detail extends to the use of genuine 1960s instruments and all of the equipment seen on stage is the same as that used by the Beatles wherever possible.

With their widespread appeal being more apparent than ever in the varying age groups that continue to follow the band, the Cavern Beatles are widely regarded as being as close to the real thing as they are ever likely to get.