Do you want to join jazz band?

A PLEA has been made for musicians to come forward, to help form a jazz band to play in pubs in the Alnwick area.

Earlier this year, Peter Atkinson, from Warkworth, made an appeal to find players of a range of instruments who would be interested in getting a group off the ground, with the focus on having fun and enjoying the music.

But the rallying cry was not entirely successful – having only managed to recruit a couple of people – so he is making another call to try to coax musicians out of the woodwork.

Peter said: “I am keen to form a jazz band in the town.

“In the bag I have a trombone player and drummer, but that is not enough really.

“There just has to be some clarinet, double bass, trumpet and even keyboard players out there who might want to be in a band and have some fun, or maybe think they are not good enough or are a bit shy about going public.”

Peter, who was the former banjo player with the Tweed River Jazz Band, added: “Players do not have to be top quality or have been in a band before, but just need a sense of fun, a reasonable ability to play their instrument and a desire to be in a band.

“I am not looking for perfection but just a group of players who like making music and can enjoy themselves.”

The group’s philosophy will be good old fashioned foot-tapping music played by people who are out to enjoy themselves.

If anyone is interested, email Peter at