Derek...six months later

Derek Allan
Derek Allan

In 2013, the Gazette ran extracts from the diary of Derek Allan, one half of north Northumberland duo We Steal Flyers, as he toured around the North East, UK, Europe and beyond. Now, six months on, Derek is updating fans of his diary on what he has been up to in the first half of 2014:

January was a cold month for walking but a lot of walking had to be done for health reasons. Great timing though because this was also the return of Derek the poet. I walk now three to six hours at a time and around four times a week.

I no longer ignore the words and thoughts in my head and walk again with a pen in my hand and a book to write in. The last time I felt this way I stopped at 4,000 poems.

Now the summer is here, many walks are walked and I am preparing a book of poems for publication.

I have kept on with my novel and some short stories. Writing is a lot of fun and I have missed it.

I am now well enough to tour again and I am pleased that I have done this year’s tours so far through the UK. This is a great country to travel and well worth a look.

We Steal Flyers are recording the third album. Switzerland and Texas have asked us to return and Hollywood, LA, is now a new tour to look forward to.

Mine and Mel’s Acoustic Magic music nights are up and running and are going well. We host acoustic music in top-class coffee shops and a few great bars.

We bring together great local talent and famous artists. We have had some great nights so far this year and are looking forward to many more. Tours for these events are being set soon which I am excited about.

We are working musicians and we need to work together and support each other more than ever.

Music is always somewhere and it is very easy to find now because of the amazing internet.

The seasons have been good so far and I am looking forward to sharing more adventures and stories with the many people that I meet.

See for details on my duo and for details on my music events.