Buskers’ charity challenge

Appy Feet founder Christina Wright
Appy Feet founder Christina Wright

TWO buskers are set to embark on a mega musical marathon to raise money for sick children.

Derek Allan, from Broomhill, and Jason Vare, aka Shaggy, of Bedlington, are gearing up to play 100 gigs in 100 days.

Their venture, in aid of children’s hospices across the UK – including Grace House North East Children’s Hospice Appeal – starts next week and finishes in May.

But with a few of the tour dates still not booked, the pair – who go by the name of We Steal Flyers – are still looking for a number of venues.

Father-of-three Derek said: “We Steal Flyers are going to continue their mission to help raise money and awareness for children’s hospices across the UK.

“We are going to be doing a gig, daily, for 100 days in a row.

“The majority of the days are booked up but we still need to book a number of venues, so if there are any venues who want to host a gig and anyone out there who wants to help, please get in touch.”

The fund-raising tour begins on Tuesday at Bubbles in Ashington.

Their musical mission will then take them throughout Northumberland, including Alnwick, Morpeth, and Acklington, as well as to venues in Newcastle and Sunderland, and further afield to the likes of Halifax and Yarm.

The gigathon will also go global, with gigs booked in countries such as France and Switzerland, while they are hoping to reach a world-wide audience with a number of online concerts.

The charity challenge comes to an end on May 11 at The Trap in Broomhill.

Derek added: “We want to play in as many different venues and places as we can so that the word can be spread as far and wide as possible and so that we can help as many people and places as we can.

“At each of the gigs during the 100 days there will be a raffle and donation buckets. All the money we raise will go to children’s hospices, and the money we raise at the gigs in this country will be donated to a children’s hospice which is local to that gig.”

Fund-raising isn’t new to Derek or Shaggy.

The duo have been involved in charity challenges in the past, including performing a gig everyday in September last year.

But for Derek, the latest fund-raiser had to be even bigger: “What made us decide to do 100 gigs in 100 days? Because it had to be special,” he said. “And this one is.”

For more information about the 100 gigs in 100 days visit www.westealflyers.co.uk

Anyone is interested in hosting a night of the tour, contact Derek on 07708 914935 or email nightsailcbs@aol.com for more details.