Around 200 turn out to celebrate the music of Northumbria and raise funds for worthy cause

Di Jeavons and Jimmy Little.
Di Jeavons and Jimmy Little.

REVIEW: Northumbrian Evening, Jubilee Hall, Rothbury, Saturday, March 21, in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance.

A highly successful Northumbrian evening was held in the Jubilee Hall.

Organised by Anne Brown with help from others, the concert was attended by around 200 local residents.

The concert started with tunes from Rothbury Hills Folk Group.

Among the many other excellent musicians were Di Jeavons on fiddle, Jimmy Little on mouthie and James Tait on keyboards, who played in a mix of waltzes, jigs and hornpipes, including Willy Taylor’s The Shining Pool.

Anita James sang her own very evocative song, Northumberland, and a newly-commissioned song, Whitley Chapel, which focused on south Northumberland’s lead-mining history, before embarking on highly-competent, amusing multiple harmonica gymnastics with Ernie Gordon.

This was followed by duet fiddles from Rothbury residents Gill and Matt Leavey, poems from Peter Athey and a rock and skiffle set from the Netherton-based Travelers.

Thanks to these and everyone else who contributed to (and provided supper) for a great night out.

Ticket proceeds were in support of the Great North Air Ambulance.

Anyone wishing to donate to this worthy cause can find a donations link at line/

Tony Kell