Album is going to be the best yet

Derek Allan collecting conkers with his daughters Rebecca and Ellie.
Derek Allan collecting conkers with his daughters Rebecca and Ellie.

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

September 14

Ten years ago I married Melanie. It has been a great 10 years. I wish everyone a happy anniversary, happy birthday and happy everything. I love knowing that people are happy.

I ran through my solo set today and I’m looking forward to performing it.

I danced with Ellie and Rebecca in the kitchen tonight, they loved it. We are also doing a 1,000 piece Christmas jigsaw. It’s nice to share time in the kitchen.

September 15

Today was a lush day. Every year some great thigs are repeated, conker-picking is a great laugh.

Food and films night – that will do.

September 16

On Lionheart Radio with Tom and Carl, 1pm to 3pm, Carl played Splinters by Clear Blue Skies. It’s nice to hear our songs still on the radio. Mick was messaging in too, he was the first person to interview me on any radio station.

I watched some great things with Ellie and Rebecca – darts, triathlon and athletics, with cricket on the radio. BBC radio with Marty Emmerson is great at every single cricket match.

I love all forms of the game, but Durham County Cricket is my favourite.

September 17

We Steal Flyers have three days of gigs now, and tonight was a good start in Stockton.

It was nice to see our friends and fans from this area.

Our new album is going to be a good one, I should hope so, and it is going to do better than anything we have done sales wise.

So much is always going on and our new t-shirts sold out before they even arrived.

September 18

Longplay Cafe is a great place to play in Newcastle, and it was also good to share a night with Sam Gibson again.

He is always happy and never stops trying, although it is very tough doing this full-time with all the needless complications. He is also doing great with darts again and is playing super league on his gig nights off.

September 19

Once Melanie dropped me off we took a few photos for the new We Steal Flyers poster. It was a good hour and a nice day at Plessey Woods.

Then we went to set up for the Lighthouse Boat gig in Blyth. This was a brilliant night, all night.

Frank, one of the organisers, loves cricket, like me, and shared some stories. He has sent a book for Ellie. A few different people have sent me cricket books, running books for Rebecca and poetry, very kind.

The gig was all dark, with lights only on us, and the crowd was perfect, with a lot of CD selling and t-shirts too.

September 20

Melanie dropped me off for an amazing day alone at Durham Cricket. I do prefer Ellie with me, but I have always enjoyed my own company too.

I think a lot and do a lot, then think about doing a whole lot more, before doing this too.

I love being at Durham cricket. Another season over and next year we start with equal points so have a chance to do well again, if any of the players actually stay.

September 21

A lot of work was done in the kitchen today for next year’s gigs. We need to decide on which counties and countries to perform in, and do we play 120 or 200 dates in total?

I love having BBC cricket on the radio in the background. Marty Emmerson is a great commentator.

I have been playing Spotify, so many amazing bands I love.