A touch of Glyndebourne at Rock

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The first musical picnic held at Rock was a great success.

The rain held off and visitors were treated to no less than four different choirs giving short performances of a wide variety of music throughout the day.

Alnwick South School choir stole the show with their delightful singing and immaculate presentation, including singing some songs in parts.

Lionheart Harmony contributed some barbershop numbers and supported Catherine Blythe, who sang some songs from the shows.

The Alnwick Choral Society gave Gilbert and Sullivan and the Rock Festival programme contained a wide variety of songs, including Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love.

The grand finale involved all the choirs singing I Have Never Seen A Straight Banana by a local composer Cheryl Camm and everyone managing to keep a straight face.

The Playhouse Band kept everyone entertained as they ate their picnics on the lawn and several commented that it had a touch of Glyndebourne about it.

Home made cakes and tea and coffee on sale helped to boost the church funds.

It is very much hoped to make this an annual event and to involve other choirs as well.

Alnwick Choral Society would like to thank all the local businesses who sponsored the event and of course all the conductors and choir members who gave so freely of their time.

Brian Eke