A great day out at the cricket

Derek Allan at Durham CCC in Chester-le-Street.
Derek Allan at Durham CCC in Chester-le-Street.

In 2013, the Gazette published excerpts from the diary of Derek Allan, one half of the acoustic duo We Steal Flyers. After taking 2014 off from being a diarist, Derek, from Broomhill, is back again.

May 4

There is little better in life than seeing your own child being happy and sharing the magic of life with people like themselves. I see it when when Rebecca runs and I saw it today when Ellie played for Morpeth girls’ cricket in an exhibition match.

She made more great friends and Melanie got to see a little of why I love cricket and all the happiness that goes with it. The sun was shining which always helps and as always a lot of nice food for everyone.

The cricket family is a great family and because of Ellie I am back in the family and it feels great. At eight years old, Ellie has a lot to learn and the others are years and decades older. But she is tough and her love for cricket and playing for England are strong. Her first-ever ball hit her on the elbow and the sound of her crying across the field was one of the saddest sounds I have heard. The bruise has since become a trophy that she has shown family and friends. This didn’t stop her game. She carried on playing and she took a wicket, this also made her cry. This time she said it was because the others were so nice to her and they liked helping her to play for England. Sharing the dream is the key to all happiness. Well done Morpeth Cricket Club and everyone involved. Ellie and I were dropped off at the ice cream shop in Cresswell then walked home together to talk about the magical day.

May 5

A long busy day with Melanie doing our usual daily work for the music business and all involved. Then a great three-hour walk and more cricket practice with Ellie. We learn a lot the more we do...the more we learn the more we can do in the future...

May 6

A venue in Seaham has cancelled We Steal Flyers gig for the weekend. When Melanie asked why, they said no more music nights to be held there.

This means Sam and Acoustic Magic gigs will also be cancelled. Bad news. As seems to be usual, more venues are closing down or putting food on instead. At these times of worry, a long walk with Ellie and Rebecca is perfect.

I love Rebecca coming along, she loves to stop for a read of Roald Dahl and she runs around for an hour.

I love to hear the kids’ plans for our Acoustic Magic business and the plans for their Olympics and cricket dreams.

May 7

In the morning I went to wonderful Alnmouth/Lesbury Cricket Club to watch Ellie’s future county team playing a Durham girls team. These girls are brilliant at cricket, fearless and full of happiness. Ellie is too young to join them yet, but I am looking forward to her training with them in the future. It was great to be back in Alnmouth too and see some nice people, especially a man that is as cool as David Gower called Simon Denton. He was always so nice to me and along with Johnny Bound made me feel happy, positive and welcome as I started out in life. I also found out that I have the record for the best bowling figures in the club – with nine wickets in a match – since the club opened in 1861. Three of us had nine wickets in all this time, but I went for less runs. How magical.

Blake’s coffee shop in Newcastle is the perfect place for Acoustic Magic. We hosted a lot of evenings in this venue last year and are putting on a few more this year. It is a wonderful place to be. It is nice to have a Newcastle venue too. Sam Gibson, Jasmine Davies and Tinny Bennett performed. I mostly coloured in with Ellie and Rebecca, we had a cosy table and they enjoyed hot chocolate.

May 8

Melanie did the Elk’s Head Acoustic Magic in Whitfield and I did a very long walk in the rain for five hours, with many stops. It was a good night for Melanie and the team and also for Ellie, Rebecca and myself. Melanie bought me a new buskers amp and I played guitar and sang for four hours solid. What an amazing amp and hearing myself so clearly was great to work with. I could not stop playing. I love to play when I have time. Before I joined my duo, We Steal Flyers, I played many solo gigs with Acoustic Magic. At the time I never really liked it as I was not enjoying the guitar side of it all. I feel differently now.

May 9

This was supposed to be a gig day but with it being cancelled we had a food and film day and switched off from work.

May 10

Up early and off to Durham for day one of a county game against Nottingham. What a wonderful and windy day. It was a great day with Ellie and we saw some great cricket. We would go daily if we could. Maybe one day we will. I once again saw the wonderful Simon Denton, Richard Lillico and they had with them, on his birthday, Johnny Bound.

I love to see great people, inspiring people. I felt happy and sad as everything runs through you from then to now. People are the treasures in life and there is so much treasure to find. I am forever rewarded for staying around in this life and trying to be as nice as I can be.