MEAL REVIEW: Nood Food Emporium, Alnwick

Chicken stacked burger at Nood Food Emporium, Alnwick.
Chicken stacked burger at Nood Food Emporium, Alnwick.

It is a new phenomenon for Alnwick, a food emporium that caters not just for those wanting something different, but for people who can’t eat certain foods because of reactions or intolerances.

Nood Food has been open less than a month, but has received a lot of good feedback for bringing something different to Alnwick.

Nood Food eating out

Nood Food eating out

With family and friends that have wheat intolerances and myself having to limit the amount of gluten because of the effect it causes, Nood Food is like a breath of fresh air.

Its ethos is about clean eating; no additives and rubbish, just good, decent food.

So on Small Business Saturday, wanting to support our local shops and eateries, we decided to pop in.

Fortunately it was only just midday when we arrived and tables were available for lunch, but it soon filled up and I could see why some had booked in advance to make sure they got in.

Nood Food eating out

Nood Food eating out

Looking through the menu I was getting excited, it’s not extensive, but it’s tempting.

Drinks orders were first and Nood Food prides itself on its fresh fruit smoothies. I chose the Raspberry Heaven, a mix of raspberry, blueberry, apple and mango, while across the table, the coconut water was chosen, as something new.

As the blender whizzed away, we chose our food.

I opted for the stacked burger with chicken, which comes with Portobello mushrooms instead of a bun, as well as halloumi cheese, tomato and rocket. Burgers can be ordered as they are or with sides, so I went for the sweet potato wedges and some broccoli.

Nood Food eating out

Nood Food eating out

Across the table, jealous of my decision but knowing for review purposes he had to choose something different, Mr M opted for the sweet baked potato with clean chilli.

And for our daughter, it was coconut chicken strips with sweet potato and peas.

Eyeing up the side dishes we also ordered a bowl of kale chips, having never had them before.

Food is cooked fresh to order so we had to wait a little while, but that was far more preferable to hearing a microwave ping.

Nood Food eating out

Nood Food eating out

When it arrived it was steaming hot and looked delicious.

My clean burger had two thick chicken steaks stacked between tomatoes with mushrooms at either end and halloumi cheese at the bottom.

It came with a side salad, dressed with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and the wedges which were cooked to perfection.

The burger was delicious, full of flavour and the mushroom worked really well, although mine were a little small so not really like a bun.

You couldn’t pick it up and eat it like you would in other places, but that didn’t matter to me.

Across the way, the clean chilli sweet potato also went down well. It also came with a dressed side salad.

Nood Food eating out

Nood Food eating out

The chilli was very flavoursome and packed a kick, but you could tell there was no fat in it at all.

The kale chips tasted like the crispy seaweed you get from Chinese restaurants, although not greasy.

They had a hint of coconut and rock salt and were also a bit spicy, but great all the same.

The only slight letdown was the children’s meal. The wedges and peas were really nice, but the chicken was a little bit dry - it didn’t stop our toddler munching away, but I think the added coconut made them a little less palatable, however it wouldn’t stop us ordering them for her again.

Ever the sweet tooth, the cakes at the counter were spied and who could resist.

It was made even more intriguing knowing that they were all completely gluten free.

The options were chocolate cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake, clementine and almond and sweet potato chocolate brownie.

Wanting to have a try of them all I chose the lemon drizzle while brownie was the youngster’s cake of choice and cheesecake (made without dairy and gluten) was Mr M’s option.

Each arrived with a strawberry and were all as good as each other. Moist and lemony, mine was light yet satisfying. The brownie was rich and gooey and the cheesecake was just as good.

Price-wise it isn’t budget but for freshly-cooked, good food you expect to pay a bit more.

A fantastic addition to the Alnwick food scene, I hope Nood Food continues to prosper and trade in the town for the foreseeable future.


While food might be in the name of the emporium, clean drinks are also part of the ethos. Not only do they have a selection of smoothies, served in jam jars with handles, made from fresh fruit, but hot drinks come with a choice of milk.

And you can also indulge in a raw hot chocolate, made with raw cacao which contains no sugar, with almond milk.

There is also a selection of teas and alcoholic drinks.

Nood Food also serves in the evenings, but tables are often booked in advance.




Tuna and red onion......£4.50

Clean chilli......£4.70

Three bean chilli......£4.70


Goat’s cheese and beetroot......£4.50

Grilled chicken salad......£4.70

Tuna and red onion......£4.70

Avocado and tomato......£4.50

Sweet potato & chilli hummus......£4.50

Mixed quinoa, carrot roast peeppers, coriander and ginger salad......£4.50/extra £2.50 for chicken.


Stacked chicken/gluten-free minced steak......£7.50 (with one side)......£8.95 (with two)




STAR RATINGS (out of 10)

Quality of food......8


Vegetarian choice......7

Value for money......8


Local food......8


Access for disabled (a few steps to get inside)......5

Toilet for

Overall rating......8

Verdict: A great addition to the Alnwick food scene.

Contact: 07983 648919

Nood Food outside

Nood Food outside