Mary Ann brushes up her sheep technique

Mary-Ann Rogers painting sheep.
Mary-Ann Rogers painting sheep.

Farming has definitely got into the blood of artist Mary Ann Rogers.

It is the Swaledale sheep which surround her West Woodburn studio which have found their way into her pictures.

She watches them on a daily basis, as they move around the fields outside her studio home.

Her neighbours are farmers John and Susan Scott, of Low Leam Farm, and come spring time Mary Ann is along most days, helping with the lambing.

That’s not the only contribution she makes – you will find her wrapping fleeces at clipping time, and at this time of year, she is over at the pens helping to dress the lambs for sale.

She said: “I have chosen to paint the Swaledales because they are synonymous with my area.

“As an artist I find them interesting, their colour, their fleece and the white patch on their nose, gives me a wonderful contrast to paint.”

One of the UK’s top commercial wildlife artists, her studies of hares, hounds and wildlife have turned her into one of the UK’s leading animal artists.

Her work is frequently exhibited in top galleries around the UK and the open days she holds at home.

Mary Ann has just finished a solo exhibition of watercolours at Blagdon Gallery. She will be exhibiting at the Tynedale Gift Fair at Matfen Hall on October 28 and 29.