Man of many talents shares his memoirs

Alexei Sayle
Alexei Sayle

The latest of a long line of great story-tellers to come to the Alnwick Playhouse, writer and comedian Alexei Sayle appears at the end of the month.

Listen with Alexei, which takes place at the venue on Thursday, May 28, at 7.30pm, will feature the best-selling author, comedian and actor giving a preview of the second volume of his memoirs.

He will be doing a reading from his forthcoming Thatcher Stole My Trousers as well as from his hilarious and thought-provoking first volume, Stalin Ate My Homework, and some of his famous short stories.

The Liverpudlian is perhaps best known for his stand-up comedy and he was a central part of the alternative comedy scene in the 1980s.

When the Comedy Store opened in London in 1979, Sayle responded to an advert for would-be comedians and became its first MC, which led to him becoming one of the lead performers in The Comic Strip, with the likes of Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson and Dawn French.

His success saw his career expand well beyond stand-up comedy to encompass stage, television, radio, film and music.

In terms of his writing, Sayle has written two short story collections and five novels, including a graphic novel, as well as a number of columns for a range of publications.

The first part of his autobiography, Stalin Ate My Homework, which he describes as a ‘satirical memoir’, was published in 2010 and tells the story of his childhood in Liverpool.

As described by the author, ‘the Sayles might not have been the only Jewish atheist communist family in Liverpool, but Alexei knew from an early age that they were one of the more eccentric’.

The performance of the Playhouse will feature readings from this acclaimed memoir as well as the as-yet-unpublished second part.

Tickets for the May 28 show, which cost £13, are available from the Playhouse box office on 01665 510785 or