Grammy-nominated singer bringing all that jazz to town

Stacy Kent
Stacy Kent

Acclaimed American vocalist Stacey Kent is set to make her mark at the Alnwick Playhouse this weekend as part of a limited series of UK concert dates.

The New Jersey-born 47-year-old’s rich and soft vocals are perfect for the whole family, and her jazz music is soothing and should appreciated by the masses.

After a year of sellout shows across five continents and 30 countries, promoting her acclaimed album The Changing Lights, she became a platinum-selling singer.

Although it could be said that musical genres such as jazz are declining in popularity due to a rise in popularity of other types of tune such as dance, Kent’s music is extremely influential to people of any age as it’s not so much focused on the musicianship and the percussion but more on the voice and the lyrics.

Her music follows a lot of different beats, all still jazz, but songs such as One Note Samba do have a more bouncy, acoustic beat, compared to other numbers, including Les Eaux de Mars, which are more soft. And vocally-inspired covers, such as What a Wonderful World, originally sung by Louis Armstrong in 1967, are simply beautiful.

She has a large fan-base, and fellow musician Jamie Cullum said: “Stacey Kent has been quietly sitting on the top of the world of jazz vocals for many years.”

Her acoustically-enthused jazz gig is an event not to be missed. After all, when do you get an opportunity to see a Grammy-nominated jazz artist nowadays?

The mixture of different languages she uses in her music help amplify the significance of her soothing vocals.

Bang & Olufsen Magazine said: “Her voice is sometimes a whisper, sometimes a confiding murmur, sometimes an exhilarated exclamation; but whatever the idiom or the mood, individual listeners frequently feel that Stacey’s music was intended for their ears only.”

Kent is performing at the Alnwick Playhouse on Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £20.50 or £21.50. For details, go to www.alnwick or call 01665 510785, and get set for an evening of easy-listening and beautiful jazz.