Find out about the art of dowsing

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An illustrated talk and demonstration on dowsing will take place in Rothbury at the beginning of next month.

Adrian Incledon-Webber will host the event at the village’s Jubilee Hall on Friday, October 3.

A past vice president of The British Society of Dowsers and chairman of The Earth Energies Group as well as a Reiki Master and holistic masseur, Adrian works full time full-time as a geomancer (earth healer).

He will explain that dowsing is not only finding out about water but a way of answering questions, generally through a rod or a pendulum using the ‘fine muscle movement from inner knowing’.

The talk takes place from 7.15pm. Admission is £3 and refreshments will be available. Contact Anthea Wilbie-Chalk on 01669 621234.