Event of the Week (Saturday, February 26)

Startrails over Kielder.  Photo by Mike Dickson
Startrails over Kielder. Photo by Mike Dickson

A GLITTERING star party is being staged in 62,000-hectare Kielder Water and Forest Park on Saturday.

The event was originally scheduled for early December, but heavy snow and plummeting temperatures meant it had to be postponed.

Now members of Sunderland’s Astronomical Society are back with a formidable array of powerful telescopes to probe the icy depths of space.

Objects on view will include distant galaxies, sparkling star clusters, dying stars and man-made satellites zipping across the inky black sky.

The event, which is suitable for children over eight-years-old, starts at 8pm and visitors should bring binoculars if they have them.

It costs £6 adults, £5 concessions and £16 for a family of four. Booking is essential on 01434 220242.