Youngsters’ artwork wanted

Audrey, the vintage cinema bus.
Audrey, the vintage cinema bus.

Final preparations are under way for the second Belford Arts Festival later this month.

The event takes place on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29, and feature 52 artists and artisans exhibiting and selling, along with Belford Art Club and Camera Club.

It runs in 14 venues across the village, from a garden shed to a Georgian Ball Room, and even a former mobile police incident room.

Last year an empty shop in the High Street was turned into a pop-up gallery housing four artists and every shop window had displays of art.

The shop is not available this year, leaving the High Street without a venue, so festival organisers have decided to brighten up the street with a mini-art show in every house window.

And they are appealing for children and students from the area to loan their artistic endeavours for display.

Art can be left either at Belford Community Shop or Belford Newsagents, or contact the organisers through Facebook or their website to arrange collection.

The festival is promising to have a carnival atmosphere, with a Saturday morning market, cinema, music and dance throughout the weekend.

There will also be singing and rag-rugging workshops, a concert and a play.

Belford Middle School, which is closing its doors at the end of this term, is also appealing for artwork, as well as photographs of past pupils. These will be on display at a celebration of the life of the school on Tuesday, July 17, from 2pm to 6pm.

Everyone in the village and anyone with a link to the school is invited to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and barbecue to view all the photos and art.

If you have anything to add, take it to the school.