REVIEW: The Walking Dead, midseason finale, Start to Finish

The walkers break into Alexandria in The Walking Dead midseason finale.
The walkers break into Alexandria in The Walking Dead midseason finale.

Gabriel Brown, 15, a pupil at the Duchess’s Community High School, Alnwick, reviews the midseason finale of The Walking Dead.

I went into this episode with the highest expectations. Were they fulfilled? Sort of.

While the episode was good, in terms of following the storyline from the comics, it wasn't. While I can't deny they shouldn't make it too similar, to stop predictable scenarios, on the whole I didn't feel it did it justice.

Some of the scenes included felt pointless, mainly the exchanges between Deanna (the now definitely zombified ex-leader). Her small talks with Rick were rushed and all about a matter we already know about: Rick is the leader. End of.

And her chats with Michonne about the future of the community seemed a bit random and misplaced considering their 'safe zone' is currently filled with reanimated corpses.

Setting off from last week, Ron (Rick's new love interest, Jessie's eldest son) is still out to obliterate the Grimes family. After admitting to Carl he wants his Dad to die, the two finally fight. And by fight, I don't mean the pathetic pushy thing they had, I mean Ron has literally gone crazy now.

Meanwhile Sam (Jessie's other, as equally, annoying child), is still refusing to come out of his room, leaving his favourite food, cookies, unattended so long that a colony of ants has set upon a discarded dish in the corner.

While this to me was a pointless intro sequence, not really setting anything up, the ants streaming in through his window represent the walkers streaming in through Alexandria's crumbled walls. This, I'll admit, is very cleverly done.

While out of action the entire time, stuck on a platform, Maggie provides a nice nod to sort-of-husband Glenn, with walkers crowding her as she sits atop them, referencing the little dumpster scenario form several episodes ago.

Glenn was barely in the episode too, with an exchange between him and (probable Wolf group spy) Enid. Again, a pointless moment.

While not adding to the main story, the captured Wolf man/agent is still down in that basement, leading to Carol discovering him. This leads to one of the shortest fights ever to grace the screen while The Walking Dead is showing. Carol vs Morgan! Unfortunately, as mentioned, it's way too short.

A tactic used all the way back in the second ever episode of the show, and also in the Season Five premiere, is brought back here. Rubbing zombie guts on you! While not the most pleasant sounding experience, in Walking Dead 'lore', rubbing the innards of the corpses on you gives them the belief you are one of them.

And this is where we leave The Walking Dead until February, with the group of Rick, Carl, Rick's little baby girl Judith, Michonne, Father G, Jessie and her two annoying sons walking into a horde of zombies, just before Sam starts saying 'Mom'. Shut up kid!

While a decent enough episode, there were nowhere near as many deaths as I had hoped, and the cliffhanger I was looking forward to wasn't delivered, I enjoyed it all the same. And from this article, my hopes are up again:

But wait! An after-credits scene? Yes there is!

Not particularly long, this shows Daryl, Abraham and Sasha heading back to their currently broken home, before they are stopped by a group of men in the middle of the road. Toting motorbikes and guns, one man tells the trio that their truck, their weapons, everything, aren't theirs. What? Well whose are they? To quote the man: 'Your property now belongs to Negan'. And for comic book readers, this is the greatest reveal the show has ever brought us.

Bring on February.