Exhibition beside sea deals with memory

One of Laura Hardy's photos.
One of Laura Hardy's photos.

A north Northumberland 
photography student is hosting an exhibition from next week which deals with the theme of memory.

Laura Hardy’s project, titled Lasting Memories, focuses on people living with Alzheimer’s and saw her working closely with residents of The Grange care home in Rennington.

The Glanton resident’s exhibition takes place at Roker Pier in Sunderland from Monday until Saturday, April 25.

Laura is in the second year of a photography, video and digital imaging BA (Hons) course at Sunderland University and her brief was to install a sight-specific intervention. It has to be designed in such a way that it both complements and is complemented by the environment in which it is situated.

Laura said: “For my project, I wanted to focus on the people living with Alzheimer’s and how it affects their memories in different ways. Over the last couple of months, I have been getting to know the residents and have been fascinated with their memories from events in their lives many years ago.

“After months of research into Alzheimer’s, I have considered how best to display my work which will be thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing in the selected environment and yet respectful.”

The project has two parts with the first being seven prints – naturally-taken photos of the residents – attached to the pier railings.

Then behind each image in the sea, there will be a floating bottle containing a memory of each resident.

Laura explained: “This is symbolic of the romantic notion of people lost at sea sending a message in a bottle to their loved ones to find. Each bottle will also be acuminated with a gradually-diminishing light source, which will be representative of the fading clarity of the memory.

“I would personally like this project to raise awareness of the condition and the difficulties faced by those effected by it, but also the good work undertaken by those at The Grange and each of the colleagues in the caring profession.”