Documentary’s village date

Stewart Wallace and Scott.
Stewart Wallace and Scott.

A heartwarming film capturing the bond between shepherds and their working dogs is being screened in Seahouses this weekend.

The Border Collie Story – To The Border Bred tells the tale of these extraordinary canines through the words of the people who work with them every day.

The documentary was made by Shadowcat Films, the media-production company of Doddington-based Alysoun Sharpe, and shot by Norham’s Jas Gibson, of GIS Photographic.

The Border Collie Story is set in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders and features voices from the region.

It showcases many aspects of the lives of a border collie including a newborn litter of puppies, the first time that a puppy is taken to sheep and the ongoing training of a working border collie.

The film also explores the story of the heroic Sheila the sheepdog and her involvement in the rescue of American airmen from Cheviot in 1944.

The documentary includes the Border Collie Rescue UK and SARDA (the Search and Rescue Dog Association) and is a diverse and colourful exploration of the breed through the words of those who know them best.

Alysoun said: “This film is a celebration of the border collie and how important they are to farming in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. The breed really is an essential part of our heritage.

“No matter how many things have changed in the rural landscape, the border collie remains a really essential part of a shepherd’s life.”

The film, certified U, has been supported by Northumberland National Park.

The film is being shown at Seahouses Community Cinema tomorrow at 2.30pm. Tickets are £5, including refreshments. They are available by calling 01890 850285.