Discover the untold story of Cragside

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A series of new guided walks throughout Cragside House look set to dig deeper into the story of the estate.

Taking place on various dates throughout September and October, visitors will be able to learn new and unexpected facts which have not come to the forefront before, and find out the answers to many more questions which have never been asked, or answered, before.

Led by Cragside’s learning officer, the one-and-a-half-hour guided walks will look at the house and the family from a different perspective to that usually offered.

Visitors will hear the interesting and unexpected stories of the other Lord Armstrongs and their impact upon Cragside.

They will also learn more about the unique and very unusual Victorian mansion and why it developed as it did – was it an evolution rather than a plan?

Carole Evans, Cragside’s learning officer said: “We know an awful lot about Cragside and have uncovered many stories behind the family, but these guided walks dig a little deeper and answer questions which many people will not have even asked before.

“Visitors on these tours will certainly find out new and interesting information about the Armstrongs.

“For example, what problems does the unusual and hidden roof-scape cause us? Who was the Sacred Treasure of the Rising Sun?

“There are so many questions and hopefully these new guided walks will answer some of these.”

The dates and times of the guided walks are:

Friday, September 12; Wednesday, September 24; Thursday, October 2; and Wednesday, October 8 .

They all start at 11am.

Other events are also taking place at the attraction including Victorian baking days until October 29.

The days, which run on a Wednesday from 1pm to 4pm, see visitors greeted by the smell of freshly-baked cakes as they step through the door.

Volunteer cooks will be in costume recreating authentic Victorian recipes in the kitchen with a different recipe each week.

For more information about the guided walks, contact 01662 620333.