Come see a night in the garden

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A new art exhibition will show the rich products of a collaboration project between Alnwick and District Camera Club and The Alnwick Garden.

Members of the club will next week present a variety of prints of the popular venue at an exhibition in the garden’s Pavilion.

The exhibition came about when Trevor Jones, head gardener, invited members to visit the garden over a 24-hour period earlier this year.

Some club members came during the day but many chose to attend in the late evening and stayed until the small hours of the morning when the garden is closed to the public.

Some members visited the garden several times during the 24-hour period and were able to photograph different garden features illuminated by daylight or by some of the garden’s stunning lighting installations.

Richard Stent, chairman of the camera club, said: “A lot of organisation was needed to make this event possible and club members were very grateful to Trevor, who had the initial idea for the event, and to Margaret Whittaker, a member of the camera club and garden volunteer, who played a key role in organising both the event and the exhibition.

“It gave members the opportunity to use and develop their photographic skills under challenging lighting conditions and a chance to experiment and produce some different and unusual images.”

Richard added that many members of the camera club were able to take part and there were several requests for the event to be repeated in the future at different times of the year.

Mr Jones added: “This event was a great way to involve part of the local community in the garden and a first for me to be given an excuse to be in the garden throughout the night and experience it coming to life the following morning as the sun came up.

“The members of the camera club were so enthusiastic and inventive in the way they used light, both natural and artificial, in their work.

“I even had the opportunity to wave a torch around while turning slowly to create a magical effect without me even being seen in the photograph.

“The pictures will look amazing when exhibited and I am very grateful for the generosity of the photographers who are donating a percentage of the sales to help other local community projects being run in our Roots and Shoots garden, which include programmes for those with the onset of alzheimer’s or dementia and those with special needs, to name a few.”