Bamburgh is World’s End in nail-biting new CBBC drama

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A gripping new drama filmed at Bamburgh Castle is set to hit our screens in an explosion of suspense, mystery and intrigue next week.

CBBC thriller series World’s End was filmed in the village last September, after the production team identified Bamburgh as the perfect location.

It follows a group of teenagers who are brought to live in the remote castle - a mysterious research facility in remote village of World’s End - by their parents who apparently work for the military.

Noah and Luke are fresh-faced twins arriving from America with their mum; free-spirit Gaia is there with her dad; best mates Slim and AJ are kept in check by AJ’s father; and Caitlin is trying to solve the mystery of how her parents disappeared.

The castle presents itself as a Military Defence Research Centre - but is it? And what are the teens’ parents really doing there?

Answers aren’t forthcoming from castle top-dog Lena Winters, or her teenage princess daughter Lexy. So it’s left to the teens, who join forces with village locals Mackenzie, Skink and Gregor, to uncover the secrets that World’s End holds.

But as they dig deep beneath the castle, they make a shocking discovery: a scientific lab buried in the catacombs housing a host of ‘familiar’ people. Who are they? What are they there for? And why have they been kept a secret all these years?

In probing for an explanation, the teens discover that ‘World’s End’ is more than a place name: it’s a forecast of what’s to come. With Apocalypse looming, will Noah, Luke and the rest of the gang settle for the ‘contingency’ plan that their parents have put in place? Or can they unite to go one better and save the world?

“I think the show is really special,” AJ actor Vahid Gold told us during filming. “There’s something for everyone, from those who like sci-fi to ghosties. There’s lots of different elements and stories all going on at the same time.

“Everything happens that you would expect to happen if you put a bunch of teenagers together that didn’t know each other - and a lot you wouldn’t expect too, of course!

“It’s is something we’re all extremely proud to be a part of.”

Written by Diane Whitley and Danny Spring, and directed by Ian Bevitt and Tessa Hoffe, the show is aimed at pre-teens. But those in the know say it will appeal to anyone from nine-to 99!

“It’s quite dark at times,” said Sam Glen who plays Slim, “but I think that’s a good thing because it’s important not to patronise kids. Young people’s drama is moving in a new direction - just look at the Hunger Games. Kids nowadays are clever, they don’t need to be patronised.”

“CBBC is doing that sort of thing really well I think,” Jade Johnson who plays feisty Cat Sharpe added. “When I was younger we had Tracy Beaker! Now there’s Wolfblood and I think this show will really grab that audience.

“It was great fun and I was absolutely delighted to be part of the show. There’s a chance there could be further series – but it’s to be confirmed so fingers crossed!”

Described as fast-paced and full of fun, World’s End will see life and death decisions slam up against the everyday dilemmas faced by the youngsters in this explosive drama.

Soap, comedy, drama and mystery, the series has it all as the teens face peer pressure, crushes and the ever-present threat of the Apocalypse. All tied up in a fast-paced, high concept, exciting bundle.

Helen Bullough, head of CBBC Productions, said: “World’s End is a credit to everyone involved.”

The series starts on CBBC on Monday, March 30, and is on every weekday for seven weeks.