Winning image transformed into poster

The poster for the 2014 Alnmouth Arts Festival.
The poster for the 2014 Alnmouth Arts Festival.

The poster for this year’s Alnmouth Arts Festival, which features the winning image from our poster competion, has now been revealed.

The publicity material, left, features Dune Walkway – Alnmouth by north Northumberland artist Katherine Renton.

As media partner of the Alnmouth Arts Festival, the Gazette last year ran the contest to find a poster artist for the event, whose work will be used on the posters, programmes and other material, for the third time.

The 2014 festival – the tenth – will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 21 and 22, and Katherine’s work will be used to advertise the popular event.

Originally from Amble and now living in Hipsburn, she studied fine art at Newcastle and now teaches art at St Paul’s school in Alnwick. Her watercolours and oil paintings of Northumberland, in particular the coast, depict man’s constant struggle to co-exist with the North Sea.

A record number of entries came in for the competition this year with 17 artists from Northumberland and Tyneside putting forward more than 20 entries.

But in the end, the decision was unanimous and Katherine’s painting of the walkway on the beach at Alnmouth was felt to be not only a great piece of art, but also an eye-catching design for posters and publicity material.

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