The Walking Dead: Who is Negan?

Negan, from the comic.
Negan, from the comic.

After the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, those who watched the episode and saw the after-credits scene may be somewhat confused.

The last word spoken in it was Negan, and for comic fans, the series just got 100 times more interesting than it already was in the first place.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will play Negan in The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will play Negan in The Walking Dead.

So who is Negan? Well, I have seen many sites do this even before the episode/scene was aired, but now seems like the right time for me to do my take on it all.

Negan (pronounced knee-gan, for those who are unsure) is a villain. Plain and simple. If you throw the show back a couple if seasons, where the Governor was our main baddie, think of Negan's arrival as cranking the volume from 1 to 100.

At least 10 times worse than our eye patch-clad friend, his casting was recently announced too, revealing he will be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and is apparently set to appear in the final episode of Season 6. (Probably giving us the worst and most frustrating cliffhanger ever!)

In the show, the storyline is equivalent to the volume of the comic entitled“No Way Out, where the walkers flood into the safe zone. We can all see this now talking place. Negan is first referenced not too long after this occurrence in the comics.

Negan is a charismatic but violent leader (wonder where we've seen that before) who leads a group of violent men (exact numbers unknown , but there's a lot of them) called the Saviors.

This group blackmail communities into giving them supplies in exchange for protection from the walkers. They are based in a factory, know as the Sanctuary, which is surrounded by a fence… and mutilated walkers. Chained, stuck through poles, or just half a body, walkers surround the entrance to the Saviors' base and protect them from threats.

One thing that should be known about Negan is that he is extremely foul-mouthed. We are bringing this character onto a show which does shows guts and gore, but rarely swears, and if it does, is minor words. It will be interesting to see how they work their way around this, when Negan drops the f-bomb virtually every time he speaks.

Another notable aspect of his character is his weapon. While most of the people on the show have their signature weapon, Rick has his Colt Python revolver, Daryl has his crossbow and Michonne has her katana, Negan's is quite something. It is a baseball bat.

Sounds simple enough, right? Try a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, who he has named Lucille. This bat is treated like an actual person by Negan, and he takes very good care of 'her'.

Also, in his introduction he kills a fan favourite. Right off the bat (pun intended) someone is gone. While they may 'remix' this massively significant death and give it to someone else, there is no doubt they will be a loved character. With all this out together, I think it's clear to see why me (and all other comic fans) are excited by Negan's arrival.

Obviously, by now you know Rick is going to have deal with this in due time, and that whole story arc in the comics is superb, but for now he's stuck in the middle of a horde, with an annoying little kid about to get them all killed.

Roll on February!