The 10 best presents 1980s kids got for Christmas

Time-honoured tradition dictates that this Christmas morning thousands of wide-eyed children will bolt out of bedrooms and shoot down the stairs to see what the ‘Big Man’ has dropped off.

Carefully-wrapped presents will be torn asunder to reveal everything from Nintendo DS and PS4 consoles and games, to sought-after toys such as Disney Descendants, Pieface game, BB8 from Star Wars and Paw Patrol.

Nintendos NES console was a favourite for many in the late '80s.

Nintendos NES console was a favourite for many in the late '80s.

Until tomorrow, we thought we’d go on a bit of a time warp. After dusting down our checked jeans and slip-ons, crimping our hair, and donning the ear muffs and leg warmers, we have headed up to raid out the attic with the sole purpose of bringing you some of the toys which topped wish-lists for Santa during that decade.

The '80s may now be seen as the decade taste forgot but at the time we thought we were the bees knees in our new best clothes as we took to the streets on Christmas morning to proudly display our snazzy new bikes, yoyo skills, dolls and prams and go-karts.

And back then, if disaster struck and Santa failed to bring you a single thing you had been dreaming of, you could always vent your frustration via a game of conkers (dipped in vinegar to harden them of course) or by tuning out to your T’Pau cassette.

Which 80s plaything was your favourite, and did it make our list?

Top ten 80s toys:

1. Rubix Cube

2. Sindy Doll

3. Lego

4. Etch-a-sketch

5. Atari 2600

6. Beano and Dandy Annual

7. Millennium Falcon

8. NES Console

9. Viewmaster

10. Transformers toys