Rolf prints go on show

Rolf Harris with Claire Gallagher.
Rolf Harris with Claire Gallagher.

A NORTH Northumberland gallery is offering a taste of down under in its new exhibition.

The Design Room Art Gallery in Wooler’s High Street is now displaying two new Rolf Harris limited edition canvas prints, called Tiger in the Lake and Swan in the Morning.

And the owners of the gallery, Jason and Claire Gallagher, met the man himself recently at a garden party down at Alrewas Hayes near Lichfield.

The party was to celebrate the launch of Rolf’s new Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport box set of 15 limited edition prints, which is also available through the Design Room.

Jason said: “He was an absolutely lovely gentleman. He was exactly like you see on the TV. It was a great privilege and it’s good to be invited to these things.”

This all came about as the gallery has just opened an account with De Montfort Fine Art, the UK’s leading international publisher and distributor of original paintings and collectable limited editions.

This has opened the door not just to barbecues and parties, but also the works of Rolf Harris and other top artists, including Canadian artist Remi LaBarre.

Jason said: “We get access to a new range of international artwork.

“Before you would have to go to Newcastle or Edinburgh, and now it’s here in the heart of Northumberland.”

For more information on the Rolf Harris prints, contact the Design Room on 01668 283263.

The gallery is open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday, other times by appointment.