Rich and intense work

REVIEW: Andrew Watchorn, Exhibition of Paintings, Bailiffgate Museum, Alnwick.

The work in this exhibition spans 40 years, with the earliest painting dating back to 1973.

Most, however, is much newer, a return to abstraction after years of more figurative landscape painting.

The paintings in Andrew’s Bailiffgate exhibition include watercolours, acrylics and oils, and are marked by rich, intense colour. Strong, dark paintings reveal gleams of brightness beneath.

The paintings emerge from repetitive, almost mechanical actions; the results of which are never the same: paint is built up and removed, revealing the layers and history of the work beneath.

The result is paintings of tremendous energy, even tumult, holding within them glimpses of deep stillness. Given time, their effect is like looking into a rock-pool, staring at embers, or gazing at light through stained glass.

The exhibition runs until Sunday, May 11.