REVIEW: The Walking Dead, The Other Side

Training the Hill Top community how to fight.
Training the Hill Top community how to fight.
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After a worrying dip in quality, before being saved by last week's episode, The Walking Dead stirs up the worry inside me once again as its latest offering is not up to par.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't like it, it was just lacking. It decided to attempt excitement in having the Saviours visit the Hilltop once more, which while nice as we get to see Simon (Steven Ogg) who I like very much, it just feels like a repeat of something we've seen for what I believe is the third time.

Maggie gets her eye in.

Maggie gets her eye in.

The opening is further setting Maggie up as the Hilltop's leader, and is perhaps my favourite part of the episode, with very little dialogue spoken while the passing of time is conveyed with training of the safe zone's residents, and plans being made both for and after the war with Negan. It's a nice little sequence and led me to hope that the negativity I'd heard was a lie. Sadly this hope was short-lived.

I accept there needs to be calm episodes, and a build-up towards the upcoming war, but seeing Rosita and Sasha setting out to kill Negan was one of the least compelling subplots this season, down alongside Rosita's small search for guns a couple episodes back.

After a failed attempt to snipe Negan from a distance, they decide that instead of sitting it out its best to just do a suicide run at his factory.

I understand how people would feel in a situation with someone like Negan ruling over you, but you would think it might pay people to be a tiny bit patient with a 100 per cent chance of killing him.

Once again, after watching an episode, I continue my pact of wanting Rosita to die. I'm not even overly annoyed at her getting a secondary character killed and Eugene taken away, I'm more frustrated by her boring side stories and attitude. She's pushy to Sasha and dismissive with a major attitude, and if she is one of the next to be killed off, there would be no tears shed here.

All in all, this was probably one of my two least favourite episodes of the season, which is disappointing considering the calibre of the last few episodes in the previous season, and gives worry in how the finale will pan out.