REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 7, Heads Up

A tense moment from The Walking Dead.
A tense moment from The Walking Dead.

Gabriel Brown, 15, a pupil at the Duchess’s Community High School, Alnwick, reviews the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead's greatest mystery had been revealed! This is with full disclosure on spoilers here! So be warned!

So the biggest question the show has posed so far, Is Glenn dead, has been answered. And I am pleased to announce he isn't! Now we have that little conundrum out of the way, I can focus on the whole episode.

With the people of Alexandria finally being able to catch a breath, I immediately know something bad is going to happen.

Heads Up mainly focuses on the Alexandrian people themselves, and their gradual evolution. This is the only time where I'm actually glad about this, with some minor characters becoming apparently major, and overall lessons for others. It is mainly focused on human mind and conflict, all while the ever-present threat of a massive herd of walkers sits just outside the wall.

I regret to say the whole thing felt short, with the two mini storylines of the safe zone and Glenn's short journey rather rushed. There are tense moments - such as someone attempting to climb from the top of the wall to a nearby building, before inevitably falling into the crowd of zombies - to follow.

Speaking of Glenn, while I am overjoyed at his 'livelihood', it was interesting to see the dynamics between him and Enid, a character he hasn't spent any screen time with at all. (Not that I'm aware of.)

Of course, when everything starts to become happy again, towards the end of the episode, my prediction comes true.

Definitely the most nail-baiting cliffhanger yet, while also the most frustrating. The 'sniper' tower outside (which I think was used as a church before the virus outbreak) actually falls down.

It was hinted at throughout, with beams of wood falling and cracks appearing, before it's inevitable collapse; thundering into the wall, bringing down several of the panels.

While it all felt rushed, it hinted at the community's future and general happiness before bringing it crashing down. Literally.

I look forward to a mid-season finale of epic proportions.