REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 3, Thank You

A scene from Thank You, episode three of The Walking Dead.
A scene from Thank You, episode three of The Walking Dead.

Gabriel Brown reviews the third episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, Thank You.

Woah! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

Yet again, The Walking Dead has delivered another hour of zombie hordes, gruesome deaths and another frustrating cliffhanger!

I'll start with the main death this episode. Yes, main death someone important dies. While I won't say who, I will say it was shocking. It came out of nowhere, in the midst of fast-paced action.

Coming back to an earlier point made in my episode one review, the Alexandrians are still useless. In this episode, one gets shot in the leg by another, (who then runs away and is eaten,) one gets a broken ankle, and another gets trapped against a gate and eaten. Basically, they haven't improved much.

The only person who slightly knows what's going on is Heath, but after tension between him and Michonne builds, it is clear he is on the edge of being as bad as the rest of them. This, for me, is unfortunate, as Heath is a solid, well-built comic book character and I have yet to see him shine. This is the same with Doctor Denise (Denise the Doc) but I suppose in one or two episodes it is hard to show clear progression.

We see more of Rick's ever unstable mentality in the episode, with him pushing himself harder and harder with every step, taking out walkers on the go. He even sustains a cut to his hand which he doesn't bother even really looking at he's sitting down in an RV, before being attacked by two Wolves, coincidentally, some of the ones The Ninja let free last episode.

These first few episodes have been doing a good job to account for an ever-growing (but after tonight, slightly declining), cast, though I am disappointed to see Abraham and Sasha still leading the herd away.

While this is something I know would need to be done, I see it as a clever ploy so they still get screen time, but don't have to be focused on too much.

After a shocking (supposed) death, and a cliffhanger reminiscent of the very first episode of the show, The Walking Dead keeps up the high bar set with another great instalment.

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