REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Hostiles and Calamities

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While The Walking Dead is leaning dangerously close to delving into filler episodes, Hostiles and Calamities holds its own in various ways.

Negan, for example, is the defining number one. As usual, being one of my favourite characters helps, but it's been a while since we've seen the bat-wielding menace.

A scene from Hostiles and Calamities.

A scene from Hostiles and Calamities.

He had his moments, but the real highlights of the episode were his interactions with Eugene, which were vastly different from the comics, but comical and fun all the same.

And yet again, another character dies by Megan's hand. True, it's a secondary character who I couldn't care less about, but the meaning behind the death made it more menacing, as he killed seemingly to make a point to Eugene. Once again, I still love Negan.

Eugene was a bit of a mix this week. While in the comics he practically challenges Negan, not giving into threats as well as being treated terribly, we see our favourite awkward scientist acting cowardly, although a small smirk given as he walks away from Negan gives me hope he has plans to take him down from the inside.

We also get to see a bit more of his actual knowledge, as he delivers what can be seen as a basically meaningless science experiment, but on the other hand is interesting, funny and could hint at explosions and bombs being made by him in future to take down Negan.

Eugene is taken to Negan's stronghold.

Eugene is taken to Negan's stronghold.

The little scenes we get of Dwight are still close to failing in getting me to sympathise with him. While I understand he's been through a lot, the emotional scenes of him are always contrasted by him acting badly in the next clip, such as killing or setting people up to be killed.

Although I admit they are handling the real contrast in Dwight's personality quite well, which brings me to an overall mellow outlook on his character as they handle his character well, but push back the sympathy vote.

Overall, Hostiles and Calamities worked effectively in terms of character development and hints to the future, but as they were simply hints, the goal of beating Negan remains far in the future (as it should for a good while).