REVIEW: Brooklyn, an incredible story

A film poster for Brooklyn.
A film poster for Brooklyn.

I went into Brooklyn with an expectation: A standard love story, with its own twist on the 'woman chooses between two men' scenario.

However, I am pleased to say that this film surprised me. It blew me away, a gust of wind delivering a basic concept brilliantly pulled off, while sticking to the romantic theme.

Brooklyn focuses on Ellis Lacey and her journey as she leaves Ireland for America and a better life. She falls in love before being drawn back home, which leads to a dilemma of which man she should be with.

While this type of idea wouldn't interest me usually, the way Nick Hornby, who wrote the scrrenplay based on the novel by Colm Toibin, has told it is expert. Saoirse Ronan's character evolves throughout, changing all for the better as she becomes emotionally stronger.

This is one aspect that is unique here, with Ellis going full circle, starting as a timid homesick girl, being advised by a more experienced woman on how to ‘survive’, before becoming the strong experienced woman herself, giving advice to a girl she once was, like on her first trip to Brooklyn.

Regarding the ultimate question of the film, who does Ellis end up with, it was difficult to tell all throughout - keeping you undecided on the two potential relationships. This has been done cleverly, and with more seriousness, than other romance films that have tried their hand at this idea.

Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters add to the overall story development and amazing acting shown here. Others such as Emily Bett Rickards' (best known for her work on Arrow) character Patty make humorous but worthy additions.

All in all, Brooklyn tells an incredible story, while still portraying the romantic theme it sets out to achieve - and achieve it does.

Brooklyn, certificate 12A, was released on November 6.