Painting unites family

Bill Hall with his son Malcolm and granddaughter Danielle Grey with the painting.
Bill Hall with his son Malcolm and granddaughter Danielle Grey with the painting.

Three generations of a Wooler family have created a painting of the Battle of Flodden to mark its 500th anniversary commemorations.

The painting by 78-year-old Bill Hall and his 27-year-old granddaughter Danielle Grey, depicts the English and Scottish armies fighting on Flodden Field, with historical accuracy provided by the family’s ancestry.

Bill’s son, Malcolm Hall, encouraged his father to mark the occasion after hearing about Flodden 1513 commemorations.

The Halls have an ancestral connection to Flodden, as 70 members of the family fought on the English side, including Sir John Hall of Otterburn Hall.

Bill has a life-long interest in British battles.“My father had a museum in Wooler, and there were weapons in it from the Battle of Flodden,” he said.

“My mother sold the museum, and its contents were given to Haggerston Castle.”

Bill has held an interest in history ever since, and this painting is a testament to the in-depth research he has conducted.

The image, designed by Bill, contains original crests belonging to real historical figures that fought in the battle, including nine Earls, and numerous Baronets. It also depicts the death of King James IV, the last monarch of Scotland.

Malcolm said: “I am not an artist, however my niece Danielle is, and combined with the knowledge my father has on the history of the battle; it seemed a fantastic opportunity to show our community about the Battle of Flodden.”

The painting is currently on display in the Cheviot Centre in Wooler.

Three years ago Bill suffered from prostate cancer the family have decided that those wishing to make a donation, can do so in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

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