Northumberland Camera Club

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Julia Ewart

We’ve had a black and white fest in the Northumberland Camera Club.

It was supposed to have been a week-long theme, but it has proven really popular and is still carrying on.

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Harry Robinson

There have been some wonderful and varied submissions and I wish we could publish them all here, but, alas, there is not the space.

Look at the leading lines on the ferns drawing your eye into the picture of the fantastically composed long exposure shot by Dave Hunter.

Darren Chapman’s bold choice to use black and white for such a colourful subject was clearly the right one. I love the projected image of the church stained-glass window that you can see on the adjacent wall.

Eileen Hinde chose a high-key composition for the beautiful shire horses and their owner. Again, super work.

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Eileen Hinde

As we have seen here before, you know when Dave Henderson posts a shot it is going to be a cracker. He’s cracked it once again with this low-key shot of a car under a street lamp.

Another low key image, this time by Bob Arkle, is a still life depicting the heritage of Northumberland.

There have been a few people out at night swinging around burning wire wool on a string. If you do this, please put safety goggles on. Julia Ewart posted a few images of her night time expeditions and her photo is a doozy.

Night photography is getting easier to access as sunset is getting earlier. Getting the exposure and composition just right after dark brings new challenges, and Chris Wilson has nailed it with his shot.

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Dave Henderson

Not all our photographs are from Northumberland, Harry Robinson’s image of King Arthur is about as far away in England as one can get from here. He shot it at Tintagel in Cornwall.

Thank you everyone for submitting your fantastic pictures, I so enjoy seeing all of them. I am not the only one. I had a message from a disabled pensioner from outside the county who struggles get out of their house. They visit the group every day to see the sights that you bring them. They wanted to remain anonymous, but asked me to pass on their thanks.

I am really pleased to see more and more people joining our Facebook Group

We have shot past 500 members and are growing daily. Keep on clicking and keep positing.

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Dave Hunter

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Darren Chapman

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Chris Wilson

Northumberland Camera Club, Picture by Bob Arkle

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