Night of dance that’s ‘like nothing else’

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An unforgettable dance event that blurs the lines between performance and participation is coming to Alnwick.

The Night Ball sees 10 dancers perform countless different styles in a 70-minute show, which is set in the round with cabaret seating.

The evening continues as the dancefloor and bar remain open and the DJ plays on, giving you the chance to throw your own moves as well as the rare opportunity to be partnered by one of balletLORENT’s professionals.

Speaking to the Gazette, artistic director Liv Lorent explained that she wanted to create a dance performance where you could have tables and chairs and a bar and be in a very comfortable space that felt more social than being in a theatre as well as being able to see the dancers up close.

Featuring dances and music from the 1920s onwards, as well as the company’s more usual ballet and urban-influenced styles, it has also challenged the team to add ‘new colours to their palette’.

Liv said: “It’s not a floor show of different dances. It’s more about creating this atmosphere where we are watching 10 different dancers dance these different styles and can see how beautiful it is to dance bravely and freely.”

She added that it’s about ‘creating a utopia which is accepting’ as people who feel afraid of dancing in front of people, which can include professional dancers themselves, are ‘missing out on one of life’s great joys’.

“The Night Ball is a bit of a love letter to dance, to the dancers, but also to the audience,” Liv said.

balletLORENT has been based in the North East for 17 years and The Night Ball is part of the celebrations for the company’s 20th anniversary.

And she emphasised that it really is something that anyone can go to and enjoy. “If you love music, but aren’t sure about dance, come anyway. The costumes, designed by Michele Clapton, are brilliant so there’s a lot on offer.”

She added that if people may be uncomfortable about the more formal setting of a theatre, then this is an ideal opportunity to sit with a glass of wine or pint in a relaxed atmosphere.

“If you’ve been to a pub before, then you can enjoy this!”

The Night Ball takes place at the Northumberland Hall on Saturday, September 14 at 7.30pm. Tickets, which are available from the Alnwick Playhouse, cost £20.