More Tales episode serves up a busy time for Robson

Robson Green
Robson Green

TV star Robson Green is given a taste of the good life as he is served up a meal with a difference in the next instalment of More Tales from Northumberland.

He joins couple Linus Morton and Louise Hepworth, who call themselves wild gourmets, as they prepare a dinner made purely of ingredients hand-picked from Kielder Forest.

The pair, who run the company Northern Wilds, which specialises in wild food and foraging, cook up a meal for the Hexham-born actor.

Items on the menu include a wild mushroom risotto, nettle soup and bilberry tart.

Linus said: “We took him out in our wild food wagon and went foraging and then cooked up a meal round the campfire.

“I think he really enjoyed it, especially the food, as he gave lots of compliments. I think having a fully wild meal was a new experience for him.”

Robson is served up the meal during Monday night’s show, which is the sixth episode of the weekly eight-part second series. It will be aired on ITV at 8pm.

Entitled Natural Wonders, the next instalment also sees the Wire in the Blood star learn more about Northumberland’s unique rock formations. He joins Dr Ian Kille, of geology walks and talks firm Northumbrian Earth, to abseil down a dramatic cliff face at Cullernose Point, which is part of the Whin Sill.

Dr Kille said: “It was a fascinating day and a hugely exciting experience.

“It was brilliant to have a different and close up and personal perspective on this iconic outcrop of the Whin Sill.

“Cullernose Point is an absolutely iconic exposure of the Whin Sill and, in geology terms, represents what Northumberland is all about. It underpins some of the major locations in Northumberland, like Lindisfarne Castle and Hadrian’s Wall. Robson seemed very excited by it all,”

More Tales from Northumberland has been watched by millions of people each week and Dr Kille hopes it will help spread the word about the county’s fascinating geology.

He said: “It’s about time to be honest. We have things here that are as exciting and interesting as the Jurassic Coast.”

During the episode, Robson comes face-to-face with the Chillingham wild cattle. It is a memorable experience for Robson, who learns just how dangerous they can be.

He said: “I came face-to-face with one of the rarest creatures on earth, the beast of Chillingham Castle, aka Chillingham wild cattle.

“They’re rarer than the snow leopard and the Chinese panda. They have incredibly sharp horns and can run up to 30mph. If you get too close, they will kill you.”