First solo exhibition for Embleton artist

Boulmer by Nick Potter.
Boulmer by Nick Potter.

Artist Nick Potter from Embleton, who sells work in galleries across Britain, will be holding a solo exhibition at Gallery Forty 5 in Felton over the summer.

The exhibition, titled A Different View, will open at the gallery on Main Street on Saturday, July 7.

Nick, who predominantly sells his work through Buckingham Fine Art Publishers, said: “It’s great to be involved with a local gallery, most of my work is sold through Buckinghams so it is nice to produce paintings with a more local theme and be involved with the whole process.”

Nick is known for his different styles and techniques.

He added: “There will be 30 brand new pictures in the exhibition and some of them will be a bit of a surprise to anyone who knows my work.

“Most of the pictures are mixed media involving collage elements and there is more emphasis on colour and patterns rather than representation however most are based on the wonderful Northumberland landscape.”

The exhibition will be on show at Gallery Forty 5 until to Thursday, August 30.

For more information contact Gallery Forty 5 on 01670 783424 or on their Facebook page.

You can see Nick’s work on his Nick Potter Artist Facebook page or on the Buckingham Fine Art website at