Exhibition that exudes class

Showcase Exhibition, Bondgate Gallery, Alnwick Playhouse, to Saturday, August 6, during box office hours.

THE Playhouse has brought together a group of talented artists to present the Showcase Exhibition, now on display.

Their contrasting styles creates a wide and varied range of artistic interpretation, offering the viewer an exhibition of high quality, in keeping with the Bondgate Gallery tradition.

Michael Ewart has a controlled freedom in his style of painting that is seen in his brushwork when viewed closely and the detail within his paintings comes into focus when viewed from a distance.

His use of colour is always well balanced, reflected in the warmth displayed within Arches of Verona, while Trio of Strings has a calming influence within the subdued colour of co-ordination of the three musicians at play.

In contrast, Richard Thompson’s subtle washes provide a gentle presentation of his watercolour works, offering a peace and tranquility that reflects the locations within the paintings, whereas his oil painting Re-organisation is a powerful and dramatic work, a style from him I haven’t seen before.

Ian Wood’s distinctive line drawing and use of high colour in his watercolour and ink works draw the eye into his strong landscapes and reflect the distance within the subjects, such as the light reflection in College Valley.

The reflective nature of Joan Littler’s artistic temprament is shown in her work. Look closely into the photographs and a landscape imagery appears as a horizon detail through the intricate pattern of the tree formations that, in turn, creates a water reflection in the foreground.

Using a compilation of the same photographic image to create a larger overall effect provides an interesting and pleasing picture.

Marion Thompson offers contrasting effects through her work. The draughtsmanship and colour in her Tyne and Ferry subjects are used freely and draw the viewer’s eye into the focal point of the work.

The child is a good example of the technique used. From a distance a circular image presents itself, but on moving closer the detail of a young girl comes into focus and one pink bow within the images draws the eye into the digital drawing.

Tony Montague has a distinctive style, his use of acrylic colour and its free application creates a pleasing overal effect, with the variation and flow of colours reflected in Wildflower Meadow and Flower Study that draws the viewer’s attention to the work.

Another artist who offers contrasting styles in his art is Bob Turnbull, his Home Again – North Shields is an interesting way of drawing the eye into the painting by the use of a circular detail within the presentation.

Three Kings is a striking feature using a limited tonal pallet, while Full Moon – Durham City has strong lines and colour co-ordination that creates an effective interpretation of the river and the riverside features.

This exhibition, by a group of accomplished local artists, is well worth a visit.