Dancers captured in iconic locations

Moving Cities exhibition at Alnwick Playhouse
Moving Cities exhibition at Alnwick Playhouse

An exhibition of dance photography, featuring talented performers from the North in stunning locations across the region, is on display at Alnwick Playhouse.

This exhibition features 10 dance artists in a range of styles in site specific locations, with the aim to create magical images of movement in public spaces and capture the essence of our culture, our movement and our places.

Moving Art Management teamed up with world-renowned photographer Jevan Chowdhury to bring his multi-award winning international project Moving Cities to the North East.

Shot in the middle of winter over three days, Moving Art Management, Jevan and 12 North East professional dancers from different dance genres and with an age range spanning over five decades, took to the streets to capture photographs in 25 locations.

They include images taken at Alnwick Garden and Barter Books.

Dancers leaping and spinning down alleys, through markets, or at the bus stop may not be the first thought that springs to mind, but that’s exactly how Newcastle-based arts company Moving Art Management is re-framing how we view these places.

It has created a snapshot of dance outdoors at the heart of our region in a project called Moving Cities North East.

The exhibition runs until Saturday, August 5.