Artists showcase their talents

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Two artists currently have their work on display at an Alnwick gallery.

Jo Hume and Terry Quy are exhibiting their work at the Bondgate Gallery, which is part of the Alnwick Playhouse.

Both showcases will be on display until November 19 for visitors to view.

Terry Quy’s work is exhibited on the lower floor of the Playhouse.

A graduate of Fine Art and English at Exeter University, Terry has spent many years painting, writing and teaching in Yorkshire but now lives and works in Northumberland.

This selection of pictures celebrates key, recurrent themes in the artists work.

Alnwick Playhouse.

Alnwick Playhouse.

Whether these be myths and legends, childhood, the countryside or the spirit of place both near and far.

Terrys’ preoccupation with pattern, shape and colour results in a stylised and decorative approach which sees realism taking second place to atmosphere and design.

Much of Terry’s work features local landscapes and architecture. The cycles and traditions of the village year are also used as starting points.

Such work has involved the production of limited edition calendars, paintings of individual houses or gardens and specially commissioned greetings cards.

Terry is also a family historian and her novel Turning Back, published on Amazon, is available to buy from the Playhouse during the exhibition.

Jo Hume’s work is on show in the upper floor.

Jo, originally from Yorkshire, now lives locally in Northumberland and exhibits her work regularly across the North East.

Jo has an M.Phil in Fine Art and has worked within art education all her life, becoming Head of Art in a High School. Her work is mainly semi abstract.

She said: “It is walking in these dramatic and beautiful places that inspires my love of colour and the joy of painting.”

She says: “I’ve spent my whole lifetime in art education.

“I spent many years as Head of Art in a 13 to 18 High School.

“Following an M.Phil in Fine Art and a Certificate in Art Therapy, I worked with primary teachers helping them understand what creativity, emotional intelligence and art making with young children are all about and what this means for classroom practice.”

She added: “I do believe creativity in all forms is at the heart of all our futures and in the wellbeing of the individual.

“For me, artistic creativity is a powerful way we can help children of all ages discover their expressive voice and unleash their confidence and potential.

Jo also runs an art group in Felton which is open to everyone.

The work will be on display until Saturday, November 19, during Playhouse opening hours.