Artist welcomes in the summer

Hounds by Mary Ann Rogers
Hounds by Mary Ann Rogers

One of the UK’s most popular wildlife artists will hold her annual summer exhibition next month.

Mary Ann Rogers welcomes in the summer with a new collection of paintings, limited edition greetings cards and gifts at her gallery home, overlooking the River Rede at West Woodburn.

Mugs with Mary Ann Rogers' designs

Mugs with Mary Ann Rogers' designs

The exhibition runs for just one week from Monday, June 19, to Sunday, June 25, between 11am and 5pm each day.

Once again, tulips feature in this new collection of paintings, both shop-bought, home grown, and also some stunning parrot tulips, grown by Katharine Norris, of Northumberland Flowers at Wark.

Katharine has provided the elusive black parrot tulips, which Mary Ann finds so fascinating, but are not readily available from florists.

Other paintings include the first daffodils of spring, bravely opening their petals to the crazy hares who perform their annual mating ritual of tearing around the field in front of the house, intermittently indulging in brief spats, where the female ‘boxes’ the males, apparently testing their strength, and presumably their suitability as mating partners.

Mary Ann Rogers. Photo by Neil Denham

Mary Ann Rogers. Photo by Neil Denham

This year has already been an exceptionally busy one for Mary Ann, who now manages and oversees the sales and distribution of her limited edition prints, greetings cards and quirky gifts throughout the UK.

This has involved recruiting more staff, attending trade fairs and also having a completely new website built by lazygrace at Rothbury. The website not only allows the viewer a much clearer idea of the paintings and prints, but also allows the retailer to place orders for cards.

Mary Ann works exclusively with watercolour, using surprisingly large brushes and quantities of paint, which frequently surprises the viewer as watercolour is not typically seen as a medium to convey strength and passion of movement or colour.

This premise is completely challenged by Mary Ann’s techniques, which result in strong, colourful and bold paintings where required, but also the subtlety and lightness of touch, which has earned her acclaim in critical reviews over the years.

Mary Ann’s work is highly collectable

It is exhibited in selected galleries throughout the UK and features in many private collections worldwide.

Her studio, which is also her home, at West Woodburn, near Hexham, is surrounded by the wild hills of Northumberland, whose inhabitants, along with her own menagerie of birds, feature in her work and delight the visitors to her country house gallery.

She takes much inspiration from her surroundings, which are depicted in her images.

For more information about Mary Ann, visit her website at