Artist to exhibit stunning work

Rolling up a Lithograph
Rolling up a Lithograph

A solo exhibition of stunning lithographs will be on show at a North Northumberland gallery from this weekend.

Felton’s Gallery 45 will play host to Alan Stones’ work from Saturday until July 7.

Alan Stones' work Along the Fence

Alan Stones' work Along the Fence

Alan is a well-established artist based in the Eden Valley in Cumbria.

He graduated from St Martin’s School of Art in London in 1971 and has been earning his living as an artist ever since.

His imagery is quiet and deceptively simple, but the viewer is drawn in and is soon bringing their own interpretations to the pictures.

Alan said: “‘I work as a painter and printmaker, with drawing at the heart of things.

Alan Stones

Alan Stones

“Back in 1985 I began making lithographs after winning an award from The Gulbenkian Foundation to experiment in printmaking.

“Initially my subject was hill farming in the Northern Pennines. Then in the mid-1990s, after a three month residency on the Falkland Islands, my prints became much more minimal.

“I feel sure that the vast open space of the Falklands is somewhere behind these pictures, but then so too are the birds and the landscape of East Cumbria where I live and work. The many thousands of thorn trees are truly wonderful in their great variety of shapes and sizes, some gnarled and bent by the elements and others with seemingly charmed lives.

“Often my prints are to do with people. In many there is a suggestion of a narrative, perhaps implying that some incident, great or small, might have occurred.

“When I depict subjects other than people these are likely to be aspects of nature – acting as metaphors for human activities, or else nature profoundly affected by man.”

Alan Stones’ exhibition at Gallery 45 will feature two dozen of his most recent lithographs.

Alan’s work was originally made at Lowich House Print Workshop and Northern Print. However, in 2000 he built his own studio in his garden.

He said: “Lowick House Print Workshop, Cumbria, closed in 1998 so to continue making lithographs, I needed to drive to Northern Print, over on the East coast.

“I really enjoyed working there and, of course, it was great being on the Quayside at North Shields in the midst of the fishing industry. However, driving there and back, and loading and unloading the car twice with all my printing stuff, took up five hours of my working day. After a year or two of this I had to stop.

“In 2000 I made the decision to build my own lithography studio and, with the enormous help of a European Union Cultural Business Award, the Blencarn print studio was built – down the garden.”

His exhibition will run until July 7 during opening hours. He will be at the gallery on Saturday, from 11am to 1pm.