Artist inspired by Holy Island opens gallery

Artist John Tierney on Holy Island.
Artist John Tierney on Holy Island.

A Birmingham artist, who has been coming up to paint an iconic north Northumberland landmark for the past 14 years, is set to open a gallery there tomorrow.

John Tierney has been coming to Holy Island every year for more than a decade and continues to be ‘so inspired that I just cannot stop painting the beauty and the atmosphere of the island’.

Now, he is making the island a more permanent base for his art by opening a gallery with his brother Jim.

Impressions of Holy Island, located opposite the Ship Inn, on Marygate, is set to open officially at noon. Lady Rose Crossman will be doing the honours and cutting the ribbon.

“My journey as an artist began about 10 years ago when I went for a cycle ride around Sutton Park in Birmingham with my friend Rob,” said John.

“I commented on a reflection in a lake and how wonderful it would be great to be able to paint it.

“Rob replied that anyone can paint if they want to and that he would help me get started as he had done some paintings in the past.

“He arrived on my doorstep with a bunch of sunflowers, brushes and paints. From that day on, I have hardly put my brush down, painting my great passion – the island.”

In April 2011, the Gazette reported that John had returned to the island to paint the pilgrims as they came across the causeway on Good Friday.

Explaining his inspiration, he highlighted the sky – ‘it’s so broad and expansive’. “I try and get atmosphere in my paintings and there are so many different skies there,” he added.

Visit {http://|John’s website dedicated to his paintings of the island|Click here for website}.