A real mixed bag of superb shots by the club members

Image by Graham Story.

My poor camera has been suffering withdrawal symptoms as I’ve been run off my feet lately.

I usually try to visit the Northumberland Camera Club Facebook group at http://bit.ly/PicNland at least once a day to see the excellent work our photographers have created.

Image by Caroline Welton.

However, I haven’t even managed that.

It was a real treat for me this morning scrolling down through the photographs and seeing such a fantastic mixed bag.

September has arrived and this month’s theme is not so much about camera skills, but about telling a story with your camera.

Concentrate on what you are trying to say with your picture so that it isn’t just a study of a subject, but a chance to ask questions or to make statements.

Image by Emma Jane McKenzie.

Why is that there? What are they thinking? Why has that building decayed? Where does that path lead?

The challenge words this week are Blue and Grace.

Everyone is welcome to join and take part in the Northumberland Camera Club.

Simply post your images to http://bit.ly/PicNland and tag them #PicNorthumberland, including some background details about your inspiration for the photographs.

Image by David Bennett.

You can also email your photographs to northumberland.gazette@jpress.co.uk using the same tag.

Image by Mark Davis.

Image by Hugh Campbell.

Image by Andy Colis.

Image by Paul Bartlett.

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