Bamburgh Beach sandcastles delight the judging panel in annual competition

Sand castle champions the Rawlings family with the Davies family.Sand castle champions the Rawlings family with the Davies family.
Sand castle champions the Rawlings family with the Davies family.
Bucket-and-spade artists were out in force as the much loved sandcastle competition on Bamburgh Beach was a great success again.

Twenty teams came from as far afield as Dublin to compete in two different categories: best sand castle and best sand sculpture.

In the shadow of Bamburgh’s famous and very real castle, the Rawling family claimed the best sandcastle title with their appropriately medieval-style structure, complete with moat, turrets, baileys and battlements.

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The judges declared the best sand sculpture to be a hippopotamus, perfectly named Doug and created by the Cowen family, who had made the 130-mile journey from their home in Harrogate to take part. Other sculptures included a turtle, a crab and a giant ice cream cornet.

Both winners were given a goody-bag containing all sorts of treats for children and adults. In keeping with Bamburgh’s environmentally friendly principles, the goody-bags were made from cotton. They depicted a seabird choking on plastic.

The slogan on the bags read: “Puffin hell! Bamburgh says no plastic.”

The competition was organised by the Bambugh Women’s Institute. Committee member and organiser Judy Cowen praised the high standard of the entrants.

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She said: “It’s always amazing; particularly this year. We hope all the teams taking part enjoyed themselves as much as the organisers did.”

Everyone was grateful that the weather held out.

Judy added: “We were very, very lucky with the weather. It was cloudy, but it didn’t rain until after we had finished at 4.30pm. Then the heavens opened!”

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