Animal Babies: Watch cute baby animals learn how to survive their first year on earth in BBC documentary tonight

Animal lovers can witness some adorable newborns get to grips with life in their first year on earth in a new documentary series tonight (Wed 24 Jul).

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 4:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 5:56 pm
Animal lovers can witness some adorable newborns get to grips with life on BBC Two tonight (24 Jul) (Photo: BBC)

Airing on BBC Two, the documentary sees cameras follow six baby animals learn the basic skills they need to survive and face the challenges of life.

Learning the ropes

The new series takes viewers to Kenya, where newborn elephant calf Safina attempts to keep up with her fast moving heard. The tiny elephant is shown struggling to wander through mud in lovable footage, relying on her mother to nudge her to safety.

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Elsewhere in Sri Lanka, one week old Jazir has to quickly learn the ropes of a primate society, while on the edge of the Arctic, a pack of five week old fox cubs must learn to hunt before their siblings beat them to the limited supply of food available.

Over in Uganda, an eight week old mountain gorilla is shown adapting to live in the forest, imitates the chest-beating antics of her alpha-male dad.

The fascinating programme brings to light lots of interesting details about the social hierarchy of various animals, showing how they quickly learn to adapt and survive.

When is it on TV?

Animal Babies: First Year on Earth will air on BBC Two tonight at 9pm.