Album has quirky feel thanks to array of unusual instruments

Gaia album cover.
Gaia album cover.

A new album by innovative Northumberland musicians features a starring role for giant recycling bins alongside the voice of a legendary astronomer.

The Carl Cape Band’s Gaia album blends rock, folk and blues with an array of unusual and subtle recycled instruments recorded on an industrial waste site.

The album is named after the goddess Gaia who was believed by ancient Greeks to be the creator and giver of birth to the Earth and the universe.

The title track, Gaia, is a song about nature’s power and seasons and features large pieces of recycled metal used as distinctive percussion. The tribal sounding drums on Medicine Stick - a song about drought in Australia - were created using giant bins from a bottle-bank.

To create the sounds, album producer, Ally Lee, used some innovative recording techniques. Together, he and the band, which includes Carl Cape, from Hadston, assembled a unique range of percussion at a recycling centre using scrap metal/waste and then placed microphones around.

The track, Glittering Sky, features the voice of astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore.

The album was recorded at Mill Studios, Alnwick, and the tracks are available for download from Monday. The band is playing the album at the Cluny, in Newcastle, on Saturday, from 8pm. Visit