10 best-rated Alnmouth restaurants by TripAdvisor, with our latest reviews

View of Alnmouth by Jane Coltman
View of Alnmouth by Jane Coltman

The small, picturesque village of Alnmouth is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northumberland and is famous for its variety of eateries.

From quaint, British cafés to restaurants offering dishes from around the world, there are a surprising number of places to eat for its size, and it attracts visitors and foodies from all over country.

As you can imagine for a destination looking out over sandy beaches to the North Sea, fish and seafood is prominent on most menus, but there is a diversity of choice that continues to attract a lot of people.

With so many choices, which best suits your palate or wallet?

Here is a gallery of the current top 10 venues in Alnmouth (as of February 25, 2018), rated by visitors to the travel website TripAdviser, with links to the Gazette’s latest reviews, where available.

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