Victory parade continues

Newcastle IV...0 Alnwick II...6

AFTER an outstanding 6-0 win the previous day, Alnwick Seconds were ready to make it another victory on Sunday.

They were raring to go, despite the miserable weather. Avis Lincoln scored two goals for Alnwick – the first was a skilful dribble past three Newcastle defenders, topped off with a strong hit straight passed the goalie. For the second, she received the ball from a penalty corner and arrowed an amazing hit past defenders and goalie into the top left corner of the goal.

Alnwick had most of the possession during the first half with skilful passes to the wings and strong runs up the centre by Sarah Fairburn. It was Sarah who created the third goal, skilfully passing four defenders, ending up with a one-on-one against the goalie. She kept the ball close to her stick and slipped it through the keeper’s legs into the back of the goal.

After half-time, Newcastle came back fighting but, with solid defending by Claire Nixon, Ailsa Tweedie and Emma Fairburn and tireless running by Justine Broom, Newcastle failed to make the pressure count.

This spurred Alnwick onward and within the first 10 minutes the fourth goal was made by Lucy Brown, who set up by Elodie Straker driving up the right side of the pitch and slipping it back into the centre to Lucy, who pushed it into the corner of the goal.

Alnwick’s fifth goal was a steal from Newcastle’s push-back by Justine Broom, slipping it from the left into the centre to Lincoln, who drove it into the D, drawing the keeper out of the goal before Straker tapped it into the goal.

Alnwick’s final score was a penalty-flick by Jess Fornear, after Straker lifted the ball towards the goal where it was stopped in its tracks by a Newcastle defender’s arm and a penalty was awarded.

Fornear’s excellent game was rewarded when she stepped up to take the flick. She flicked it past the goalie’s waist into the net.

It was Alnwick’s best pair of results over a weekend this season.

Alnwick: L Taylor, E Fairbairn, A Tweedie, J Fornear, J McMeekin, S Fairbairn, J Broom, H Gregory, C Nixon, A Liddle, A Lincoln, E Straker, L Brown. Player-of-the-match: Ailsa Tweedie. Opposition’s player-of-the-match: Sarah Fairbairn.